Electrical Solutions.

Here at REA we focus on quality workmanship of all electrical components inside and outside of the home. Our dedication to provide our clients with the latest technology and innovation in energy efficiency makes our homes the most advanced, energy efficient homes in the industry.

Air Conditioning.

Smart energy efficient air conditioning is a necessity in all new and existing homes these days. With the ability to cool and warm the home with the lowest amount of energy use possible is key to creating a comfortable home environment.

REA specialist Air conditioning systems feature individual room temperature motion and flow control maximising the ability and efficiency of the home air conditioning system. With the addition of the automation and wifi control you can access your air conditioning with any smart phone or tablet from anywhere in the world.

Home Entertainment.

Love watching movies? the home theatre is now one of the most popular rooms in the home and is an essential addition to the new home design and renovation. REA provides the latest home theatre technology from flush mounted advanced ATMOS speaker technology to full home entertainment Audio and Video Automation systems we have all the skills knowledge and components to make your home theatre the most popular room in your neighbourhood.

Automation and Security.

Control your whole home with the click of a button, REA provides the latest in Automation technology security and video surveillance. Using a wireless mesh network you can turn any switch, motor or surveillance into an integrated Automated network.

Find out how you can turn your home into a Smart Home today.

Smart home Automation, security, video surveillance and intercom we give you piece of mind and improve your lifestyle.

Cut your energy costs with REA Solar.

Engineered in Germany, REA’s solar micro technology produces up to 25% more power than conventional systems! Our experienced advisors will help you determine the best option for your individual home/business, budget and needs.

Maximising every single panel.

Not just adding more.

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